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Initial consultation will take place in the form of a telephone conversation or by e–mail and this will be a complimentary service.  Following this consultation if appropriate, further face to face contact will be arranged.

Schedule of fees:

  • Full Speech and Language Assessment with written Report- €250

  • Language Assessment only with written Report- €200

  • Speech Sound Assessment with written Report- €150

  • Individual Therapy- €70 per session

  • Home/school programme- €120

In some cases school and home visits can be accommodated, this will incur an additional fee.


Fees are payable in full on the day of appointment by cash or cheque. There are no credit card facilities available.

Health Insurance

Speech and Language Therapy services are covered by some Health Insurers. Please contact your health care provider.

Tax Refunds

Speech and Language Therapy fees are tax deductible. To avail of this you will need to get a  MED 1 form and retain all receipts. 

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