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I offer comprehensive speech and language assessments and treatment for children aged 18 months to 12 years of age with a wide variety of speech, language and communication needs including:

  • Poor attention and concentration skills

  • Difficulty following instructions

  • Late talkers

  • Poor vocabulary development

  • Speech Sound delay/disorder

  • Speech and Language difficulties associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder and learning disabilities.


Assessments take place in a child friendly way and incorporate play where appropriate. Speech and language therapy assessment will include observation, attaining a case history from parents/carers, formal standardised assessment and or informal assessment. Assessments may take place over 1 or two appointments, depending on your child.

  • A language assessment examines how well a child understands what is said to them (receptive language, also known as verbal comprehension/understanding of language) as well as how well a child expresses themselves (expressive language/spoken language)

  • A Speech sound assessment assesses your child’s production of specific sounds and their ability to sequence sounds to form utterances.

Following assessment, the results will be discussed with parents/carers and a specific plan will be put in place. A full written report can be completed if requested. Liaison with pre- school and schools is also available upon request.


Following consultation and/or formal/informal assessment, we will devise specific and measureable therapy goals for your child. Therapy is child specific and a schedule of therapy will be agreed upon together. Therapy sessions usually last 45 minutes to one hour.

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